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La gourmet Stockpot with Maifan Stone 6L

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Discover the Amazing Secret Of Maifan Stone: Maifan Stone ( bakuhanseki In Japanese ) is nature’s miracle mineral rock that is composed of micro nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc & selenium that are essential for healthy human body. Maifan Stone is infused in La gourmet Toughened Claypot resulting in Healthy Claypot with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Alkaline benefits.


1 -FREE of LEAD and Cadmium

2- Alkaline and micronutrienrts benefits . Alkaline content increase from PH 7.1 and PH 9.90 after noiling water for an hour.

3-  Far infrared energy which energise and enchance the food flavours .

4 – 100% Healthy Pot. Clay is fully spodumene from Australia for thermal expansion and contraction, non toxic and eco-friendly ceramic material.


Weight 2.0000
Manufacturer La gourmet
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